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ROKiT Homeland Security is a mobile telephone application for Android 'smartphones' providing a multi-functional solution including secure voice and text communication with powerful tracking which operates anywhere in the world, over standard GSM (2.5G and 3G) mobile and Wi-Fi networks.

  • Operates on standard Android devices enabling Policing and covert operations.
  • Communicates via voice and text with colleagues locally or anywhere in the world, utilising AES 128 up to 256 bit encryption.
  • Tracks devices using advanced GPS capabilities, providing self and colleague position awareness, mapping and directions.
  • SOS Alerts function enables one touch alert to both HQ and colleagues for emergencies, sending location details, map and directions and 'converge' request if required.
  • Photo and video evidence gathering is geo tagged, time stamped and sent immediately and automatically to secure HQ vaults and can be shared with colleagues and used in evidence.

ROKiT LPR (license plate recognition) now available within the RHS application with ability to link into DVLA or other databases for car and driver information.

RHS Executive provides secure global voice and text messaging with global tracking to improve communication with and safety of Executives and remote workers.

The RHS system is optimised for independent operation within agencies own (or nominated) data hosts, providing high level data integrity and security � your voice and text messages, photos and videos only on your servers in your chosen space.


Our management system can be server or cloud based with typical 2 server set up supporting up to 1,500 handsets.

System management can be run on any PC browser, or on an Android Tablet by simply logging-in to the secure website. Providing total control, anywhere in the world, over a highly encrypted link.

Handsets can be configured, managed and wiped of all data from the control centre at any time.

Law Enforcement

Designed with Police for front line law enforcement and security professionals. Simple one touch large button controls to launch voice calls, text messaging, SOS Alerts, photo and video capture, minimising mistakes and improving speed. Photo and video - one touch image capture and automatic upload to a secure server with time, date stamps and GPS location for use in evidence. Officers and Agents are enabled to spend more time on the ground and less time dealing with administrative processes.


RHS Executive application installs and operates on standard Android mobile handsets. It provides encrypted voice and text communication, GPS tracking and locating and SOS Alert functionality and optional response support in case of emergency. Optimised for use by travelling Executives and workers and by nationally or globally deployed management teams, high nett worth individuals and celebrities. Remote handset wiping facility in case of lost or stolen devices, meaning information and security is not compromised.




Mobile Security Solutions


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